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We believe that everyone has the right to be the best they can be, and Eternal Youth Australia are here to help you achieve this. We are specialists in offering revolutionary treatments that can help you look 5 – 10 years younger without surgery. 

HIFU, in particular, is unique in that results are achievable with only 1 treatment, no down time, no surgery, no needles and lasts up to 2 – 3 years, and at a fraction of the cost of surgery!

Points of Difference

Eternal Youth Australia - Awarded winner of Best Business in Australia at the Face & Body Award 2019.

Eternal Youth Australia, HIFU & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic are located in North Lakes Specialist Medical Centre using the latest cutting-edge technology to deliver treatments.  

Our HIFU machine delivers treatments over 10 lines, instead of 1 line, which achieves a more uniform treatment in less time for our clients.

Eternal Youth Australia  have also invested in the latest PlasmaLift technology which will produce amazing results in sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth where HIFU cannot. 

And Eternal Youth Australia are the first location in Brisbane to offer PlasmaLift Pro  - a  revolutionary wrinkle diminishing treatment that delivers results with absolutely no downtime. 

In addition to this, Eternal Youth Australia offer a skin care range that contain the highest allowable concentration of active ingredients prior to becoming a prescription product.  

Our combined services achieve all round amazing results leaving you with the look you want, at a cost you can afford and up to 10 years younger!!!

Eternal Youth Australia in North Lakes

We are all about YOU!!

Our focus is results driven and is about YOU being the best YOU can be - 

not looking like someone else, but bringing the best out in yourself.  

Offering you a personalised rejuvenation consultation is the first step to diagnosing your skin challenges. You will then be prescribed a treatment plan to deliver the rejuvenation results you’ve only ever dreamt of.

Make an appointment to see one of our specialist clinicians today and start your rejuvenation journey with Eternal Youth Australia.

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Eternal Youth Australia

Specialist Medical Centre, T206, 6 North Lakes Drive, North Lakes, Qld 4509

07 3448 0408