HIFU BODY TREATMENT sculpts the body. 

The 3D HIFU body treatment is a must for anyone who wants to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat. The HIFU Body Treatment combines skin tightening and fat reduction and is great for achieving a bum lift, or for tightening out "mummy tummy". HIFU can also be used to treat abdomen, hips, flanks, muffin tops, outer thighs, upper arms and bra straps.

The 3D is state of the art technology is designed to specifically to target hard fat. There is no other treatment that will simultaneously destroy the fat cells AND tighten the skin.  

During the treatment we use the HIFU hand piece to deliver ultrasound waves to a depths of 6mm, 8mm, 13mm and 16mm (depending on the area) under the dermis layer. This causes a necrosis of the FAT CELL. The skin remains completely intact and unaffected. 

The 3D HIFU Body Treatment uses ultrasound heat waves to generate thermal warming to specific areas breaking down and targeting areas, boosting the collagen and releasing the fat cells. The cells are flushed from the body naturally and over the next 3 months the body begins to heal as the skin tightens, giving you incredible results. 

This is a single treatment per area however for larger areas some clients require 2 to 3 sessions.