• Age Reversal Package – $799
  • HIFU on areas needed
  • Fibroblast PlasmaLift on one area
  • 4D HIFU – $899
  • HIFU Full Face Lift
  • HIFU Neck Lift
  • HIFU Jowls Lift
  • HIFU Chin Lift
  • Cosmedical Facial Treatment of your choice
  • All Collagen Induction Therapy Treatments 50% Off Introductory Special

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HIFU Treatments
We have two options with Fibroblast PlasmaLift Skin Tightening:
1. PlasmaLift with dots – Has downtime. 3 days without makeup and dots fall off 4 to 6 days after treatment. Only one treatment is required.
2. PlasmaLift Pro no dots – Has no downtime but we need to treat the area 3 times (2 weeks apart).
Both get remarkable outcomes and results are permanent!
FIBROBLAST PLASMALIFT SKIN TIGHTENINGPlasmaLift (One Treatment Required)PlasmaLift Pro (Includes 3 Treatments)
Upper eye lid$995$1,495
Lower eye lid$995$1,295
Crows feet$595$1,495
Brow lift$595$1,495
Frown lines$275$595
Bunny Lines$275$595
Top lip$550$1,295
Bottom lip$350$895
Marionette lines$450$995
Nasolabial folds$450$1,295
Neck lift$1,250$2,395
Half neck$995$1,595


PACKAGESPlasmaLiftPlasmaLift Pro
Ultimate Eye Package$1,999$2,999
Upper Eyes + Lower Eyes + Crow’s Feet + Brow Lift
Sweet Lips Package$1,999$2,999
Top Lip + Bottom Lip + Chin + Marionette + Nasolabial
Areas that can be treated
HIFU Face Treatments
  • Neck, Jawline & Chin Uplift
  • Upper Face Lift
  • 4D Full Face & Neck Uplift
HIFU Body Treatments
    • Upper Abdomen
    • Lower Abdomen
    • Arms
    • Bra/Back Sculpt
    • Hips/Love Handles
    • Outer Thighs
    • Inner Thighs
    • Butt Lift (Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift)
    Find the treatment that’s right for you
    What kind of technology does HIFU use?
    HIFU Treatment for Eyes and Mouth


    HIFU Treatment for Eyes and Mouth

    Eternal Youth Australia are now able to treat those sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth with our NEW Mini HIFU treatment.

    For a Full Face and Neck uplift we use two depths – 4.5mm and 3.0mm and this is for overall lifting and tightening of skin in the areas treated. We cannot treat the sensitive areas around the mouth and eyes at these depths and therefore, Eternal Youth Australia have expanded to include 1.5mm depth to our services.

    This is a an alternative to PlasmaLift as there is absolutely no downtime with HIFU. Clients often see immediate results that continue to improve over 2 to 3 months and last up to 12 months.

    Mini-HIFU will give you a radiant and youthful look and is great at dealing with the fine lines as well as marionette lines, nasolabial folds, frown lines, top and bottom lip and eyelids.

    Check out our before and after photos of clients treated with Mini HIFU.

    HIFU BODY TREATMENT sculpts the body.

    HIFU Body

    HIFU BODY TREATMENT sculpts the body.

    The 3D HIFU body treatment is a must for anyone who wants to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat. The HIFU Body Treatment combines skin tightening and fat reduction and is great for achieving a bum lift, or for tightening out “mummy tummy”. HIFU can also be used to treat abdomen, hips, flanks, muffin tops, outer thighs, inner thighs, upper arms and bra straps.

    The 3D is state of the art technology is designed to specifically to target hard fat. There is no other treatment that will simultaneously destroy the fat cells AND tighten the skin.

    During the treatment we use the HIFU hand piece to deliver ultrasound waves to depths of 6mm, 8mm, 13mm and 16mm (depending on the area) under the dermis layer. This causes a necrosis of the FAT CELL. The skin remains completely intact and unaffected.

    The 3D HIFU Body Treatment uses ultrasound heat waves to generate thermal warming to specific areas breaking down and targeting areas, boosting the collagen and releasing the fat cells. The cells are flushed from the body naturally and over the next 3 months the body begins to heal as the skin tightens, giving you incredible results.

    This is a single treatment per area however for larger areas some clients require 2 to 3 sessions.

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